Our Advantages

Lower price and same performance products means to reduce your cost and improve your Products' competitive power. The products with good quality/price ratios will make great advantages in this fierce competition era.

High Efficiency
We will respond to your enquiry within 8 hours, quote your project within 3 working days a.s.a.p and update order schedule to you each week.

Competitive Price
Our competitive price comes from most Chinese attractive advantages, such as lower labor cost, mass well educated employees, continuous improvement of equipments and technology. Our perfect production performance could be a great surprise to you.

Reliable Quality
Quality ensures our survival, we have established a strong Engineer and QA team to ensure that we can meet customer's design and quality needs. We adhere strictly to customers' requirements in terms of quality and continue to invest in equipment and machinery to achieve the technical ability required.

Project Management
We carry out project management method, and each project manager will be in charge of your project completely, from the quotation to the delivery of the completed mold or part.

Comprehensive Services
We are specialized in making plastic injection molds, molding parts, CNC machining parts, secondary operation and assembly service, most of the processes are done in-house, one stop service likes a package, enabling you to place one order for all your needs & save money - a family firm, we'll ensure your needs are met.

Cooperative Partner